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Dainya Watson

Client, Physique Competitor, Coach and Trainer Dainya is a very self-motivated client. She is hungry for knowledge and progress alike. The progress Dainya has made in a very short period of time is a testament to her ambition and relentless execution. – Chris “ Since I started training with Relentlless Performance I learned so much […]

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Katrina Neu

Lifestyle client April 2018 “This is Katrina!! As you can see she has a reason to be stoked on her hard work. Katrina came to me with some back issues and set some clear goals which I LOVE! And here she is justifiably celebrating with a gun show!!! Lol. Plus her back issues have been […]

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James Arko

March 24th Comp Prep Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic 2018 “There are few who have more heart than James. When he sets his mind to something there is no stopping him. So proud and honoured to have been given the chance to guide his hard work!!” – Chris

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