About Relentless Performance

Chris McLeod

Canfitpro PTS - Fully Insured

Currently Completing Schooling for Kinesiology Part Time

Previously BCRPA Certified

I started my fitness journey when I was just 15 years old. I started by joining a local gym and was quickly addicted. I would plan my high school schedule so I had time to train on my lunch as well as after school. I read any fitness magazine I could get my hands on and soon started learning about nutrition and lifestyle, the fundamental building blocks of the athletic and fitness community. Soaking up every ounce of knowledge I could I flailed around trying anything I thought might help my performance and strength.

After high school I started a job at GNC where I was the top sales associate in B.C. for just under 2 years. I secured these sales not by selling what I was told to sell but by seeing that my customers had the supplements they needed to help them get the goal they had aimed at. I took a lot of pride from being able to help people get to their goals so I also too the YMCA course to become a personal trainer certified through the BCRPA which gave me a solid fundamental base for formal training. Combined with my vision and innovation for sports training this course solidified my capacity to help people with their goals. Unfortunately this did not pay the bills despite working extra hours and having top sales so I soon procured work with CN Rail. I have worked for CN Rail for the past 10 years all while still training full time and focusing on health and nutrition.

I have competed in Jui Jitsu and MMA tournaments, the tiger bomb as well as multiple Edmonton and Edson tournaments. I have run the Tough Mudder and raced in local downhill mountain bike races. I also competed in the 2015 Sandra Wickham fall classic as a heavy weight body builder. In June 2016 I competed in a local powerlifting competition where I set a national record in my weight class for the deadlift and also took first place in my weight class for my total.

I have always wanted to own my own business and opening a supplement store is just the beginning. I plan to help revolutionize the industry and help wherever I am based out of become known for their athlete’s performance and nutritional advantage. I want to treat my employees fairly and with respect and be known to be fair, honest and straight forward within the community.

Julie Izgerean

Canfitpro PTS - Fully Insured

MOSSA Certified (Group fitness)

CA, CPA - B. Comm

I am a Chartered Accountant but have always had a passion and love for the fitness world. I started my accounting career and spent 16 years learning public practise with a locally owned CA firm, Chan Foucher Lefebvre LLP. Here I worked full time while completing my schooling and seeking refuge from my books in many different endurance sports. Being a self supported student I was as health conscious as possible within my budget.

In 2010 I became the youngest partner in the firm with a large portfolio for which I was responsible for my client’s corporate and personal taxation. After KPMG merged with my firm in 2012 I chose to resign from KPMG in 2014 to broaden my work experience and knowledge by pursuing a career in big industry. I secured a contract as a financial controller with a company called Bridgemans Services Group where I was responsible for the day to day operations, including cash management, financial forecasting, budgeting and international wires.

Throughout my career I have always found it necessary and helpful to my career and daily life to have a high level of physical fitness and health. I teach numerous fitness classes and enjoy the positive feeling it gives me to help others. I have raced in the Penticton Grand Fondo and regularly weight train. I have been powerlifting for over 4 years now and within this community I have fine tuned the importance for nutrition and supplementation. Through volunteering at powerlifting meets I have witnessed what the human body is capable of and may, in the future, look to compete myself. I’m excited to be able to help people improve their performance as well as expanding my own knowledge of this vast and growing industry. I am planning on getting my certification for personal training through Canfitpro and am looking forward to combing all my knowledge into one business.